Not Voting, or Being Able to Vote, Can be Fatal. THAT is the Lesson of Our Time.

October 18, 2017 - Cycle after cycle, chain after chain jerked. There has to be some kind of punishment. Her face was bleeding badly. Criminals and rapists and we can't stay there forever and he knew what he signed up for. The order doesn't matter. This is not a story with an epiphany. He jerks; we outrage; the tanks roll by behind us. We reply to his tweets; he marches us towards war and sledgehammers our democracy. DC is a superfund site and we're fixating on verbiage. How long are we, to paraphrase Sylvia Plath, going to pray to recover Daddy? Every woman loves a fascist, she writes -- the boot in the face, the brute, the Luftwaffe and the gobbledygoo. When will we finally declare that we're through? 

Why is the USS Comfort not treating people? Where's the reporting on FEMA, its employees' pedicure-fest in the sterile medical area, their walking around in flip-flops? How many people have died? Why did we lose four green berets? Who were they, and what happened in that ambush? Why did they recover a body only two days later? Is the Pentagon even investigating? Do we even remember which state Las Vegas sits in?

Our leader is the guy holed up in the hotel room with the arsenal. If you're venting, you're where he wants you. If we're calling Congress and thinking we're done, we're where they want us: digging the Maginot Line, crowing about about how they haven't passed legislation.  But so much of what Trump does skirts legislation, like the Germans went around the Maginot Line.  Those sanctions he’s supposed to enact: he dissolved the office charged with managing them.  We really have got to get ahead of this curve and realize how much is being done without any legislation whatsoever.  

Politics is about power. Skip the outrage, skip the issues, fight the WAR and throw them out. Voting and elections. Everything else second. Not voting, or being able to vote, can be fatal. THAT is the lesson of our time.