It's Like Our Whole Party's Wearing Suicide Vests.

November 3, 2017 - It's like our whole party's wearing suicide vests. 

Obama & Biden left the party 20M in debt -- and then Biden hacks up Hillary for losing? If O cared about his legacy enough to campaign for H, why didn't he fundraise enough during term 2 to leave the DNC in the black? If Debbie WS did a bad job and spent too much, why doesn't the buck stop with O?

HRC bailed out our verge-of-bankruptcy party by fundraising for it before she was even its candidate (we wanted it to go bankrupt?) -- and supposedly in exchange, Brazile says, the Joint Financing Agreement she proposed, prematurely demanded control of the party -- in 2015, before she was nominee, rather than in 2015 when she was. And this has been reported right left and center. And Brazile says she "thought about replacing" Clinton, as if she had the power to do so. 

My first thought was: In which alternate universe does someone who bails out a bankruptcy NOT control its finances? I was confused, last week, because it's not as if Bernie bailed out the Dems to the tune of 100M in $27 contributions. Now I I read Larry Tribe, who quotes the agreement below with the comment: That settles it. 

What serious Dem drops a bomb like this, days before the 1st election after Trump? And then my idol and Senator jumps in and calls our party rigged? 

Can we pack the Trump care package with any more love? 

O my poor sad broken broke party! What are we doing here?