End CrossCheck

November 6, 2017 - End CrossCheck: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About CrossCheck, And A Lot You’d Rather Not.

Illinois, which had its voter rolls penetrated and just passed Automatic Voter Registration on its second try, now has a terrific energetic group of activists in Indivisible Chicago fighting to get IL to exit CrossCheck.  IL is also a member of ERIC, the Election Registration Information Center, run by the non-partisan Pew Charitable Trust.  ERIC’s the Belinda the Good Witch of CrossCheck, and gets the de-duplication right as opposed to CrossCheck’s 200 false positives for every real hit. 

Indivisible Chicago rocks.  CO, NV, OH and VA — now you too, you who belong to both ERIC and CrossCheck, need to exit CrossCheck now.  

If you want the in-depth version of what CrossCheck does, watch The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, by Greg Palast.  It’s a little hokey, he’s always wearing this Sam Spade outfit and hat, still, his reporting’s the real deal.   


(If you listen to the piece on This American Life just below, you’ll start to understand what is confusing (to put a good spin on it) those who want to use CrossCheck to deduplicate.)