A Modest Proposal

October 27, 2017 - A Modest Proposal 

If our elections aren't fair, maybe we should just save taxpayers the cost of having them and install people.  

Not just the server was wiped — the BACKUP server was ALSO wiped.  My friend Marilyn Marks, whom you should follow on Twitter, brought this lawsuit with the Coalition for Good Governance.  Georgia’s response was to wipe not onkly the server but the BACKUP server holding the data for GA-06’s recent elections.  


And here’s the thing: Karen Handel was the Secretary of State when she beat Ossoff.  That means that she was literally in charge of controlling the election mechanism in which she was also competing.  Right now, the Secretary of State is Kemp, who will be running for governor under the same principle.  Let’s call it the Uzbekistan Standard of Elections?