November 12, 2017
Indivisible Massachusetts Conference, Worcester MA.

Putting Voting First: Secure and Fair Elections in MA and Beyond

Our democracy's infrastructure is in critical disrepair.  This workshop will cover two issues: registration and verification.  How do we ensure that every voter counts, and every vote is counted?  What are the suppression tactics that prevent voters from registering and staying registered, the manipulation tactics that deny voters a fair count, and most important, we'll examine the common-sense solutions to these problems, what groups are making headway nationwide, and how you can join or assist their campaigns.  It really IS possible to impact voter suppression and hacking, not just in MA, but nationwide.

November 20, 2017
What's Next? Four Freedoms Conference, Great Barrington, MA

Restoring Fair Elections: A 2-Part Introduction to Voting Advocacy.  
Part I: Suppression and Registration.  Part II: Counting and Verification.